Isla at 3 months you are starting to smile all of the time and I am absolutely loving every second of it! You are still ity bity and going strong in the 3rd percentile. You currently weigh 8 pounds 11 ounces, so you still haven't doubled your weight. You have already taken your first trips. First to St. George, then to Boulder Nevada to go to the Pirate House (where you got to have formula because mommy was passing a kidney stone and was on pain medication, which is why I couldn't feed you), and then off to Phoenix to meet all of your family on your papa's side. You were an absolute perfect baby during all of the long car rides. You were able to get blessed in church and so many people who already love you so much, were able to come and see and support you. You are getting very smart my Isla dear. You know if it is time for bed if mommy lays down and closes her eyes. If not you will just watch me and wait until I do so, and once I do you realize it is time to sleep, and then and only then will you finally go to sleep. Which I guess means it is time to move you to the crib, but that just makes me so sad. Mommy has started school, and it has been very VERY hard. I don't know how people do this, but it is important to do, so I keep telling myself that I can do this. I never thought it would break my heart so much to leave you for just 2 hours a day. And I wish it was just that easy, but I still have to find time to do all of the homework and studying, and that means I can't just play with you all day. But this will soon end and then I have FOREVER with you! I love you so much miss Isla and am so glad that I am the lucky one that get's to be your mom.

(Isla wearing one of my old dresses, with the quilt that her great-grandma made for her, by hand might I add)


The Taggarts said…
what a cutie!!! love the beautiful pictures!
oh! i love those first ones on that darker bed.. so beautiful!
Macie said…
She is such a cutie. I can't believe how much she looks like you! You two are twins! I love her blessing outfit.

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