Isla I have now been your mommy for six whole weeks now and am loving it! You have brought so much joy to my life [and daddys] and you are constantly teaching me how much I can love another person so selflessly. I can't even begin to tell you the kind of love I feel for you Isla, and it is constantly growing.It is crazy how fast time goes. You are not sleeping as well as you were, which is saying something because you were never that good. You want to be awake all night and then sleep all day. You are pretty much already a teenager in that sense. You have GERD so we give you medicine so you keep your food down, that way you can keep gaining weight. You currently weigh 6 lbs 13 oz, and I am loving your newly chubbier cheeks. I constantly find myself looking at you in amazement that your beautiful self is all ours. You love to hold on to fingers and are constantly cooing or grunting. You love mamma's singing voice which I am loving because no one else does! Your little tongue is always touching the roof of your mouth and your mouth is always slightly opened,which wins everyone over that holds you.

So pretty much being a mommy is the best and I absolutely love getting to snuggle with you all day long, which makes me never want to go back to school. Unfortunately I am going back to school come the end of april...But we will think about that when it actually comes, for now I just get to think about and enjoy your sweet self.

We took some pictures in your cute crib [that you don't sleep in yet, for now you get to sleep right by mommy.]

pictures with your beautiful quilt that your great grandma made for you.

Of course we had to get a picture with you and the cute monkey dad bought you while we were still in the hospital. I think it is cute how you are the same size! In some of the pictures you looked like a doll in the crib, which just goes to show you how small you are. I thought you were getting so much bigger, but seeing the pictures made me realize how small you still are. I guess you take after your momma not your dad :)


Ariel Marshae said…
Love love love this post! She is adorable! I need to see you guys soon :)
She's so adorable and teeny!
Lovely Post
Emily said…
Oh my goodness, she is adorable, seriously that skirt is to die for. I'm already in love with her and I haven't even met het yet. Can't wait to see you guys in about 2 weeks.

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