Isla at 2 weeks you're getting up every 3 hours like clock work to eat. Which mommy is really happy about because the dr.'s were really concerned about your weight, which made mommy stress that she wasn't feeding you enough. But you are just like mommy and when your mind is made up, it is made up, and when you are done you are done. We weighed you the other day and you were just one ounce away from your birth weight! I don't know your weight today, because mommy is already not on top of things and didn't schedule your 2 week appointment early enough. So your 2 week appointment will actually be on your due date February 28th. Mom is already sad that her little miss Isla is 2 weeks old already! Time is flying by so fast! I am not ready for you to grow up, but am excited for every phase we get to go through together. Your first week consisted of lot's of dr. appointments to check your bilirubin levels and weight checks which amounted in lot's of pokes. You spent around 4 days in the hospital your first week between our hospital stay and your time under the lights tanning :) Our second week together we have gotten to spend more time together at home. Your cord has still not fallen off, but it is close. I love all of your smiles including the half smiles. This usually happens when you have gas, and mommy loves it. Your mouth is always open and it is so cute! You are learning to love the bath and you love getting your hair washed, again just like mommy. You love daddy, and always hang out with him on his chair. We both love you so much and don't even mind that we are getting no sleep, we wouldn't trade it for anything!

Daddy and Isla hanging out

Stats at 18 days old

Weight : 5 lbs 4.5 ounces
Height : 19 inches long

My dear Isla you are not even in the 5th percentile for weight or height, but no worries we will get there :) The dr. said if we want we can count you as zero because you were actually due today and that moves you up a bit... but who counts from the day you were supposed to be born?


She is so stinkin cute I can't stand it! Love her! Seriously, adorable!!
Emily said…
She is so darn cute
Rachel said…
We love this teeny,tiny girl! I love that you are doing this like a journal entry too. I wish so badly that I had done this when I had all of my children. It will be wonderful to go back and look at later. You need to print these off. You dont think you will ever forget these moments, but you do!
Jacqueline said…
Call me and tell me how to buy my domain name. I tried and was just confused!

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