Christmas 2010

We were supposed to go to Arizona this Christmas, but due to my pre-term labor we couldn't risk it, so we got to spend Christmas with my family. Hopefully after the baby comes we will be able to take a trip down there and see everyone.

One of my favorite times was staying up Christmas Eve and wrapping presents with my parents and sister. I also love having little kids around, they always make Christmas fun! I just love to sit there and watch everyone open up gifts.

Look at my cute husband! You can't see, but we all got scrubs for our PJ's this year. [I will have to try and get some of the photos from my dad]

My cute niece right before we went into the family room to see what santa left.

[can you spy the dogs?]

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

I'm still thinking of my new years resolutions.... so that post will just have to come later.


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