Baby Shower

This was my family & friends baby shower and it was so much fun! Everyone went above and beyond, just look how cute everything is! Not that the belly didn't make it all feel real, but now we have baby stuff in our apartment!

I loved all of the pink girly cuteness!
I have the best friends and family that a girl could ask for! Seriously thank you to everyone who came!
She wants to walk like me, talk like me.... scary, but she was hilarious! Hopefully this is still a long time down the road.
The cupcakes were so good! They also make great pictures!
I wonder if my baby will have my white blonde hair? We will see!

I got to take home a bag of candy [everyone did]... and I just have to say I love the grapefruit candy [way better then the watermelons i usually get.]
I mean FOR REAL- look how cute everything is!
My cute cousins and aunts.
Some close friends, and the baby belongs to the cute blonde. That will be about the same age as my baby a year from now... crazy! You may recognize the other brunette girl from here.
We missed a picture of the host [she was probably running around crazy...that is what always happens when the party is at your place- but it is her new place and it is awesome!] but we got one of her little one! Look how much he has grown [see here] and her beautiful sister, my cousin.
My best friends from high school.
Friends of the family! I have known them forever, and they are great people who have always been so good to me.
My cute sister [who got her braces off that day, and we are all jealous of her perfect teeth] and my lovely grandma.
I am the short one out of all of my friends [the other picture didn't show this as well as this one], and another one of my beautiful cousins [one of the party planners]

my sisters and my momma!

Things not pictured:
-The delicious soups, salad, breadsticks
- The cute matching game
- The memory game [which sent me home will lot's of miscellaneous baby items] Great game in my opinion. I have a horrible memory and definitely didn't win, but still got all of the goods!
- All of my awesome presents.
We got a stroller and car seat [see here] That is the only thing I can find online to show you. But we also got cute outfits, blankets, some diapers and wipes, a changing pad and cover, head rest thing for the car seat, a crib mattress .... I could go on, but my brian is going now these days and I just can't think anymore. We feel so blessed and loved are so grateful for everything! Seriously, I can't say it enough!

But I am now getting very VERY excited for this little one to come and am feeling a lot less anxious about not being ready. The other day I laid out all of the outfits we have for her and matched headbands with them, and then made Justin come and look... he thought I was a dork but I could tell he loved it!

Bad news, I fell down our stairs outside the other night because of the ice...but thankfully everything is ok [I am just a little sore now]. I just wish that 30 minutes before I didn't tell my sister that I hadn't fallen once since being pregnant. I guess that is what you get for getting cocky. But I wasn't being stupid I was walking very carefully and even holding the railing, they were just REALLY slippery!

pictures were taken by my talented sister! see more of her work HERE! Thanks for doing it! I know sometimes when you have to be the photographer you miss out on the party... but I am so glad I have photos. THANKS GIRL!


Rachel said…
What a fun and beautiful shower it was! Thanks Melissa,Leslie, and Whitney! EVERYTHING was so nice!Melissa your home is so great! You have all done such a great job on it! You guys are the best!
Emily said…
How cute, wish I could have been there. And yes you do look more pregnat but not that big. You lok great.

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