[Photo by this talented lady!]

Some of my 2011 Resolutions:

1- Have a baby [can't fail at this one. It's going to happen no matter what!]
2- Loose the baby weight... I have liked that I haven't had to start all of that diet nonsense with everyone else at the beginning of this year... but my time will soon come.
3- Learn to sew
4-Cook dinner at least 2x a week [I know this looks really bad, but you have to consider left overs, and weekends...]
5- Don't leave laundry in the dryer
6- No dishes in the sink at night
7- Get my degree
8- Go to the temple monthly
9- Take personal photos [I am horrible at this, and these are the photos that I want!]
10- simply survive

A lot of changes are headed my way and I couldn't be more excited! Here is to 2011!


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