Pregnancy Project

For one of my classes, my project is a Pregnancy book... It started out as a Thankful book [done picture style...] but bed rest kind of changed that. Here is a little sneak peak. I am not printing the book for my final, because a half-way pregnancy book would just be weird and kind of a waste. We will see if my teacher cares tomorrow at my final. I am kind of excited to go back this next week, I haven't been to school for the past month. It will be fun to see everyone again!

[This just goes to show you that wearing a smaller shirt makes all the difference! That is why 27 weeks looks so much bigger then 28]
I think my baby has the cutest little up-turned nose. Pretty sure she takes after her momma [based off the nose, her small size, and her small head] We will just have to wait and see though.
As you can see I have had A LOT of ultra sounds... but hopefully this Tuesday will be our last. You know what they say, the 9th times a' charm!


Elise said…
she totally has a cute nose!

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