Christmas Decor

I love decorating, and I love Christmas! So I thought I would share some of the christmas decoration inspiration pictures I have found around blog land lately (sorry I forgot where I got them from)

traditional, classy, timeless, and simple. Just perfect!

tutorial here

I like the unusual colors to decorate for Christmas (I also think by doing this it carries over to New Years better.)

I like the idea of doing simple decorations in all of your rooms, not just your living room area.

I actually did this project (instructions here) It turned out cool and it was kinda fun to do because it is really easy.

What are your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays?


lyn. said…
I am a traditional red, green, and white gal, so I love the chair decorations!!

It is amazing to me how as the years have gone by, How we have done less and less decorating. It sure makes life easier when I don' decorate every nook and cranny in the house... LOL
I dream of my house looking like this!

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