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Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and well wishes! As of now I am still on bed rest (not sure how long this is going to last... hopefully not the rest of the pregnancy because I at least need to finish this semester of school)

Anyways, so for those who don't know, I went into pre-term labor Monday, and so we went into the hospital and they gave me medicine to try and stop the labor then after like 6 hours we got to go home. It was good that I went in especially because I am already dilated. Then again on Wednesday the contractions picked back up and I had to go back in, where they put me on "MAG" and then gave me the first shot of steroids to help the baby's lungs to start developing in case she does come early (I guess the lungs are the last thing to develop, they don't even start to develop until 32 weeks.) And then we went in yesterday for the second round of the shot. So hopefully this will help a lot if she does come early.

So for now I am on bed rest trying to keep this baby in as long as possible. But I would just like to thank all of you for the visits, the food, the treats, your prayers... THANKS! We really appreciate it!


Hope all goes well. You're in my prayers. You're going to be the cutest mommy.
Barb Elder said…
Thanks for the update. I will keep praying. I put your name on the prayer roll. I was on bed rest with Geoff. No fun. Hang in there. Loves
Jen said…
Aly I'm so sorry!! i was born at 26 weeks. And I turned out all right! Bed rest sounds so hard. Good luck!
hey aly! how far along are you? I also got the steroid shot's for WHitney's lungs. Hoping she's not born early. Praying for you and the baby! Good Luck!
Aly said…
Thank you guys so much! I am 26 weeks tomorrow. And I get to call the Dr. tomorrow and see if this is a rest of the pregnancy thing.... I'll let you know!

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