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For my Fine Art Photography class I am doing a project about childhood memories. The gist of it is that when we are in that phase we can't wait to grow up, but looking back we always remember it as the best time and want to go back... So I am going to sparkle my photos the way we make the memories sparkly in our mind. (this probably makes no since, but pretty much I am glittering my photos)

So here is a sneak peak, except they will not be in Polaroid format, I just did that for fun. What I am now trying to decide is if i should have them de-saturated with color glitter on top, or B&W with glitter on top.... I hate decisions! What do you think?

side note: you can go HERE to get your online Polaroid maker (that is how I did it)


lyn. said…
I don't have the first clue about giving you advice on photography, but it all sounds great to me!! I love that you are going back in time to your childhood and using Polaroid which is what we used back then... :-D

P.S. I heard you were in the the hospital a couple of time with contractions or labor, is everything OK, now?
Elise said…
Hey girl- I heard you are on bed rest!!!! I hope it all goes okay and you feel better soon :(

The discs I got from Snelson but I bought them all out because they told me they were going to stop buying them.. but I found this place called They even engrave them so you can put your own company name.. Its $13 for each.

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