So before school started Justin and I went camping. He thought it was really important to take me"real" camping. My family has never really been a camping family. Much to my surprise it turned out to be a lot of fun! I was hesitant because I was still in sick pregnancy phase, but it all worked out.

all of our stuff before we left
The tin foil dinners we made. We will need more practice on these...let's just say that they didn't work out too well.

By our camp

The new camper
The expert camper

We were having so much fun we convinced my momma and little sister to come up and join us.
color version
or black & white ?
She was so funny! Like I said before, my family is not much of a camping family, so this little one was so excited and said the funniest things! For example "I just love being out here in the wild breathing in all this fresh air." She also had a story of what was really happening for every situation... we are indian princesses, lost children, you name it.

But really funny things! I wish I wrote them down because now I just can't remember.
she found a bone. I think this is what almost all of our pictures are of. Seriously, we got back and we had like 20 pictures of this bone! haha
& finally, packing up!

Now that we have some of the stuff, I think we will be doing this again... maybe not next year with a brand new baby, but the year after could be a possibility.


lyn. said…
So, where are the s'mores... it's not really camping without s'mores!!
Looks like you had a riot! We aren't a camping family either, but I actually like it. If I go it would have to be with just Matt and Garrett.

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