My parent's dog is having puppies (sometime today) and Justin and I want one. We don't know where we are going to live, but we need more space anyways with the new little one coming on the way. We just don't fit with all of his buisness stuff. So we are most likely going to get a dog, and figure it out. So with that out... what are good dog names? we do not agree. I am liking Lady. I want something English, or Scottish, just a classy dignified name.
Any ideas?

p.s. It is a westie aka west highland terrier. Well we think it is.... we will find out soon I guess.


I completely agree on the English/Scottish name thing. I always thought Darcy would be a good name for a classy, small dog.
Boy or Girl?
Arthur (Art for short, ha ha, a nickname for a dog)
Winny (short for Winifred. But I think Winny would do)
Sounds fun! Haha, I like Lady, too, but know justin would never go for it! But you are his wife so you can convince him!

So... do you have a list of baby girl names?!?!

Move to AZ!:)
Emily said…
Are YOU CRAZY?!?!?! Let me tell you all the reason's to NOT get a dog. First you are going to be a fisrt time Mom. Your going to get a puppy that is not trained at all! You are going to get a small dog that has to pee a lot and not only change a bunch of diapers but have to let the small dog out in the snow.(they have small bladders and have to pee a lot.) Think about it where ever it does have an accident is where you cute baby girl is going to be learning to crawl.You don't have a backyard so all it's energy and teething will be let out on your apartment. As much as you want a dog wait till you are a little more settled it's only fair for you and the dog. Also they cost LOTS of money, food, shots, bed, vet visits. I think you need to really think about this with your head not your heart. That's my advice take it for what it's worth.I love the name Lady and think in about 5 years it will be PERFECT!!!
Anonymous said…
hey you need to become a follower to win!

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