baby gap

having a baby girl is going to make me go broke! why does baby gap have to be so expensive?

anyways just for fun, here is some of the very cute stuff that they have right now.

I really could go on and on... just go look for yourself at their site.


..M.. said…
youre having a girl?! oh my gosh. she will be such a doll! thanks so much for the glitter invitation idea. i just might have to steal it!! p.s. can you email me and let me know where your neice got her ruffle cake? or did they just make it themselves? it is SO cute...i saw a pic on your blog:) that would be great! hope all is well!
kayla and tyler said…
I still can't believe you are having a baby! that is so exciting!!! love all the clothes you posted. When are you due?
Cute! Your little girl is going to be so adorable :)
good baby shower ideas......
Ben + Amanda said…
oh my gosh! I am loving these clothes you are posting!!

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