My Goals for this week

So here are my homemaking goals for this next week.

  1. Make Raspberry Jam [is it still the season, or am I too late?]
  2. Make Salsa [who thinks they have the best recipe? If it is you, I want it!]
  3. Clean my bathroom [the walls, the grout....]
  4. Make dinner 3x this next week.
  5. Get my vacuum fixed.
  6. Finally, finish all of my projects.
Random question for all of my readers.... What is your favorite cleaning products? I decided I don't like mine... for countertops, baths, floors, walls....

Now let's just see if I do this!


Macie said…
My all time FAVORITE cleaner is Clorox Anywhere spray. You can use it on anything and it's safe to use by food and kids!

P.S. Congrats on the girl!
Anonymous said…
I think it is a little late for raspberry, but not for peach or pear! If you come up with a fabulous salsa recipe, let me know!! I'm so excited for you to have a girl!
Emily said…
go to your mom's house look in the ward cookbook and find Debbie Feller's recipe for salsa, it's the BEST. Steve says it's one of the reasons he married me. I think I am going to make some, if I can find some time. Hope your feeling well. From what I read your having a girl??? Congrats.

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