turned 8

My baby sister got baptized. It was a wonderful day and she was so cute! After it was done she said she felt all warm inside and didn't want that to ever go away. We are all so proud of her.

After I got home I realized we didn't really get any in her super cute dress. But good thing it is a tradition in our family to get pictures taken in our baptism dresses. So look forward to those!

For more information about baptism see here


brittany said…
What a neat day!

Emme looks like dad!
Rachel said…
I absolutely love these pictures!!I am so glad I have such talented photographers in the family to document all of our special events!!Thank you Aly! MOM
Jacqueline said…
I would love to pick you!!! I told Kirk I didn't know if I could do a giveaway again, because I want to give one to everyone, especially someone who calls me Queen Jacqueline!! He said, "I can just see if I died. You would spend all our money on gifts to people."
Luv ya. Let's do private lessons soon before you are too busy. I need to have better photos!!!
Jacqueline said…
WAIT A MINUTE - DID YOU SAY EATING FOR 2??!!! I skipped right over that. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys.

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