The 4th

4th of July this year was a lot of fun! We went to the stadium of fire and watched Jenny Oaks Baker, the 5 Browns, and Carrie Underwood preform, and of course all of the fantastic fireworks! Then later we had a neighborhood BBQ and had some fun with sparklers and just hung out with the family. I loved having a full 4th of July weekend!

lots of good food!

a shot of the very full stadium
my cute husband showing his american spirit!
My older brother and his wife.
The Brogdens came with us and were so much fun.
my mere and sis.
The fireworks were fantastic. There was a little scare when one of the firework stands malfunctioned and shot into the audience, which was really close to us and kind of scary. Overall it was great!

What do you guys do to celebrate on the 4th? Do you do anything on the 24th? For all of you utah/mormon folk :)


Julie said…
What beautiful pictures! I love your photography so much.
brittany said…
aly, you rock! I love love your style. And that photo of the little girl with the big red flower bow thing in her hair? The cutest photo ever!
Jacqueline said…
Gorgeous! I would have missed this but Brittany commented on my facebook. That brings back the whole evening. What a great night. Love everything you do. We could have been in France!!!

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