Recipe makeover

So i have recipes all over the place and I really need to organize them since I am going to be cooking now that school is done. So here is what I have found.

for cards:
THIS (I think it nice because you can get 3 on one page)
I like this set and it is nice because it comes in 4 colors. Which could be really cute in a set


I was thinking about doing it binder style. And I found this cute download available to just put in the front of your binder to make it cute. I think this is a nice system because it would have sheet protectors which you need often times when cooking. Also because its great for when you just print recipes off a website.

Check it out for yourself here.
(I have downloaded every single color!)

(if you like the one in the picture let me know and i will send you the link. It wouldn't let me link it from here for some reason.)


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