This is my 2009 wrap up

2009 was the most eventful and best year of my life. For one reason and one reason only.

1. Justin

Meeting Justin changed everything. He gave me my first kiss, he was my first serious boyfriend... So here is my look back on the year 2009.

This was soon after we came boyfriend and girlfriend I believe...
I would always read through his phone... I found it interesting to say the least. Especially because his old girlfriend kept trying to get him back [even when we were engaged] but that is a different story.
We like to party. This is from a 70's dance party that was for a singles ward. The singles ward that started this whole relationship :)
From one of the nights that we watched a movie [which was I believe was almost every night]

The first time we went to the Temple together.
Justin came with my family on vacation for Spring Break, it was so much fun!

In Arizona, the trip I got engaged...
Getting Engaged! [kinda a big deal :)]
Right before I had neck surgery and was out for 3 months. look at the sweet flowers and a card he got me. He is always there for me!
Being engaged! [aka. engagement pictures]
He is so good looking :) I am a very lucky girl!
Getting Married!
Honeymoon in Disneyland
Cruise to Mexico [also part of the honeymoon!]

i love this man so much!

Meeting Justin this year has been the greatest and biggest life changing experience. 2009 has officially become the BEST year of my life. With Justin I can do anything!


This post was lovely! I enjoyed the happy pictures! You two make such a cute couple!
Barb Elder said…
Wow love the pictures and I can't beleive how fast life changes. 2009 was a great year for you and full of a lot of events. But being married for 26 years now thats loving life. Your a great person Aly we love you!
brittany said…
Happy New Year you two!
Macie said…
Yay for awesome husbands! Congrats and have many more wonderful years!
Rachel said…
I love this post Aly! You two have had some trying experiences for newlyweds, but you have gotten through them together and it has made you both stronger!! We love you both and know that this next year will be even better!!!
Saori said…
Your pictures make me smile.
Beautiful and full of happiness!
Cutest couple ever!

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