a big announcement!

so stay tuned.

this is a long time coming.... i can't wait to share!

ps- i am not pregnant so don't ask, it i will just reaffirm all my insecurities from not working out for the past year. Yes, i know i need to go back to the gym, i will one day soon.


Kelsey said…
The pictures are great and are just great for the invitations. That's my project this week. Man oh man! And I was wondering... would you put my email address in so I can read your "yes dear" blog?

You're amazing! Thanks for all you've done and will do, I appreciate it all.


P.S. My email is
Codnerfamily said…
This was posted a long time ago and the suspence is killing me. I am just going to text you in the morning because I can't wait any longer. Thanks for taking pictures and working with my crazy schedule. You know I love ya.
Codnerfamily said…
Ha ha all of you. I already know.

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