So i recently went grocery shopping and was very prepared. I had planned out all my meals in advance and purchased all of the ingredients i would need (you know, because that is what you typically do at a grocery store). So you see i have all these ingredients, lists of what ingredients are needed for each meal, and then for the recipe i was just going to go back online and look it up where i found it. This is where the problem occurs.... ALL of the recipes are different (they have been the same for months, and now in the two weeks i planed on cooking them it all changed!)

So the hope I once had on my possible ability to cook is gone- out the window. And i am now stuck with a lot of random ingredients and now idea how to cook any of them.

and that is the problemo.

p.s. it was this fantastic website that changed all the recipes... sad. i am sure the new ones are good, but i don't have the ingredients for those recipes + they look more difficult.

photo by me


lyn. said…
1. Try Googling the ingredients and the recipe may pop up...

2. What are you trying to make? I did copy down a few of Kelsey's recipes, and maybe I have what you need.

3. Be creative... :-D
Macie said…
Was it the Kelsey's Kitchen one? That happened to me!! I was so excited to make all of them and now they're GONE! I was going to call you and see if you had copied them. Bummer.
Codnerfamily said…
Aly you just wait I picked up your George Foreman today you will always be able to come up with something now. Sorry can't help you with the random ingredient, but you are so domesticated. Justin is lucky to have you. Lots of love.

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