dear GAP, i love you right now. i could buy your whole store right now. unfortunately i don't have the money, nor the room. for now i will covet.

isn't it all fantastic! and most of it is pretty classic i would say.


lyn. said…
I can see you wearing, and looking fabulous, in every item here!

Oh to be young, and thin, and beautiful... haha
*sigh* I wish I had money....
Kelsey said…
$20 off all Gap Jeans right now Aly. Stop coveting them, come down and say hi and buy a pair :) I'll be working all next week.
Is that top photo "skinny jeans" I've been hearing so much about? They're hideous.

Actually, they might look pretty good on a girl. Aaron just looks ridiculous wearing them.
AngelaBeth said…
ALY! I saw your wedding photos on Kate Benson's site! They are soooo gorgeous! Where did you get your shoes? And that other dress? Sooo beautiful. Congratulations!

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