where ?

does anyone know of a company in utah that scans your old pictures so that you can have them digitally? because i am going to scan all of justin's mission photos and make him a book for his birthday..... and i don't want allens because there is no way i am going to pay $1.50 for each picture! please help!


Hey Aly! I once went to Walgreens and they turned them into a CD for me. I can't remember how much it was though. Good luck!! Hope life is lovely for you! You are so kind and sweet!
akseez said…
It's not local, it's a mail-in/online service, but I've heard really good things about Scan Cafe. I'm planning on sending them all my B&W negatives.

Hope that helps.

- Jason
meagan said…
Pebbles in my Pocket does it for I think 25 cents and if you spend $25 you get 25 scans free. (At least that what the sign outside the store says...)
Anonymous said…
Macey's Photo Labs located inside Macey's grocery stores will scan negatives at normal resolution for 20 cents and high resolution at 40 cents each. I think they can scan actual pictures for the same price.

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