premarital exam

so i had my premarital exam yesterday..... let's just say i am so happy my dr. is hilarious because "oh my" is all i can say for the entire experience! 

why don't boys have to deal with any of this crap?! 

i guess they do have to provide....

i still think this is worse.

oh well it's done! 

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Allie said…
Ah! It must be done... You are so funny.
Jessie Evans said…
haha. That's all.
kayla & tyler said…
haha! I remember mine! i was thinking, what the heck!? why do I have to go through this. But it's all for a good cause, I guess!!! haha
Macie said…
Ha ha! I had the same thought after mine. Just wait till you have a baby! :) Who's your doctor?
lauh-ren said…
but boys have to cough and let the doctors stick their thumb up their but, so the exam is even.

as for the babies thing, they don't even compare.

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