power of words

you know those days where you really just need to hear something good said about you... well today is one of those days. lucky enough i got on my facebook and had an honesty comment (where everything said is all anonymous.) anyways i came  across one that i received a while ago but never really got and it totally made my day! 

"I think Aly is incredibly unique, I have known her forever not really well but gone through school and all that and she has always been really nice to me and i have remembered and appreciated it, thank you Aly you deserve every happiness that life has to offer" 

So to the nice young man that said this, thank you! you made my day! I very much so appreciate your kind words and am thankful to you for letting me know. It feels great to know the things you have said. 

now may we all be a little kinder, a little sweeter, a little nicer today! ;)


Christina said…
I'm an Aly fan too

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