i love this rug for my kitchen! i have been looking for a rug now for quite some time and haven't been able to find any. (speaking of if you know of any good places to find kitchen rugs let me know!) because i am still looking due to the price tag on this baby. 

i want color- and i need the light blue color in it, because that is the color of my  dining room chairs.


K.J. said…
That is so cute. Now I want it! Try TJ Max, they usually have cute house stuff.
Anonymous said…
I have to say, I love this rug! I might possibly have to purchase it! I need a rug under my kitchen table. Since we never eat there, I think it will be lovely!
missyG said…
I love love, love it.

The blue is really pretty. It's making me want to see those chairs.

Just from looking at this picture I really believe this is a magic rug. It seems like the kind of rug that works with almost anything. Everything.

Even if you had yellow chairs with red accents you could make it work. A subtle green would work with it. Heck pink fluffy recliners would work with it.

This rug matches ALL.

Wait. Come to think on it. Purple chairs? Would not work with it. I'm sorry.
Anonymous said…
Aly, where are you and the hubby going to live after marriage
Codnerfamily said…
Ok I want to know who is furnishing your house? Because this is not the way newly married couples live. You are both students. You have nicer things than me and I have been married for 10 years. You are supposed to start out poverty stricken with hand me outs, go to school for years, graduate and then start working on a house. I am going to talk to your mom. Your making me jelouse.
Christina said…
remember when Emme saw your b-day present and was like "hug it, love it, covet!"?
aly said…
emily- no this will not be my rug...because we are poor, still in college, newly weds. no worries! pretty much everything we have so far is a KSL find or given to us. but i couldn't be happier

christina- yes, good moment!

tiffany- just a little apartment (but 2 bedrooms! yay)

melissa- that is the beauty of this rug! i don't like money...

melissa t- i do not blame you, it is a beauty! i am still tempted. but justin said we are in super save mode this month.
Check out Urban Outfitter's. They always have cute rugs and some on sale. I love them.

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