aren't these center pieces so cool and creative! i love them all. it makes me want to have a dinner party! yup that is what i now want to do! i guess a wedding is like a giant dinner party right?!

found here [there are a ton more also, these are just the ones i preferred]


JULIE said…
I keep expecting to see a picture of your wedding dress whenever I go to your blog. Who knows why. Haha. I love, love love love love the top centerpiece. How adorable!
Anonymous said…

hehe dinner party! that is exactly what we are doing... we decided to have an intimate wedding dinner for 200 of our closes friends and family.. fully formal and fully served dinner...

we didn't like the utah valley 'come and go' eat your croissant and fruit type reception. after some 'whose wedding it anyways' episodes.. we decided formal dinner was more our style!! haha

200 was a small number so we decided to have a pre-wedding bbq bash for all the people we couldn't invite too!!!

yip yip hooray for wedding planning!
rebecca said…
they daisies in the cups are my favorite.

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