what do you think?

hypothetically of course :) if you were getting married in a little bit, would you wear your hair down or up? or both- and if so what one would you do for the ceremony and what one for the reception, or what would you do for bridals.... give me your input- i need it! 
photo by: liz banfield 


Your hair is not that long but I think it would be so pretty either way!
AngelaBeth said…
Depends on the dress and time of year!
lyn. said…
I have never once seen your hair look bad (not even at Crossfit)!!

A lot depends on if you are going to have anything else in your hair or not, like a veil, flowers, etc. But, I think it will be beautiful no matter how you wear it...

Oh, decisions, decisions! I'm glad it's you and not me... LOL

P.S. I love the top picture!!
Annegirl said…
Do it all! Seriously--I did. I did it down curly for my bridals, up for my reception, and down straight for my actual wedding. Sounds like a lot of hair doing, but they were all on different days, and the only one I had done was for the reception--I did the other two. I LOVE having pictures with my hair all different ways!!
Macie said…
I like it down the best. But you always look fabulous no matter what you do! Maybe try different ways and see what you like best. Seeing your blog makes me wish I was engaged/planning a wedding again!
Anna said…
Hey hun I think I agree with everyone but mainly anne just cause you do look great with anything so do it all of them and you will have a diffrent thing for all of them.
You are always beautiful, but I like it up with a veil. IT is nice to have pictures at the reception and the bridals that are a little different. I agree with Macie and Melissa.

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