the real scar

so i realized that the last picture wasn't a true depiction of my battle wounds due to trick photography and posing, so here is what it really looks like so far, and hopefully will fade more by july 31st (yes that is the BIG DAY!)
p.s- yes you are correct i am still supposed to be in a neck brace, and i am pretty much all the time except for showers, and the occasional picture.... soon i will be free! but until then i take it off occasionally to try and build up all the muscles in my neck that i lost! going cold is going to be one adventure!


kayla & tyler said…
I'm sure your scar will be mostly gone by your wedding day! even if it's still showing a little, you are so pretty - no one will even notice!
I hope you are feeling better!
Macie said…
Yay for July 31st! That's close to my anniversary too (the 26th)! But I am sad that we are BARELY going to miss your wedding. We come back in August. I think your scar will be gone by then. Maybe you could order some Bio Oil (you can get it online), I've heard that works good. Good luck & have fun with the wedding plans!
Barb Elder said…
Scar or no Scar your beautiful Aly!
People just see beautiful you and won't even notice the scar-it is healing well!!!!

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