injured cheerleader survivor.

back in the day i used to cheer.  i was the flier and i got dropped more then once which caused many issues. such as mucho pain, and my left side going numb. it took a while to figure it out, but they did, and they fixed my ruptured disk. that equals a neck fusion which equals neck surgery. 

justin has been great! he brought be flowers, and stayed in the hospital with me.... helped me take pills, go to the restroom, walk, hold my hair back while i puke, given me blessings.... you name it, he's definitely done it!  i couldn't have asked for anyone better! he definitely loves me! 

pre surgery before my neck was sliced open.... haven't been much in the picture mood after the surgery. 

but thanks to everyone for all the service they are giving me! everyone has been great! 

so i am just sitting around, so i might blog.... but if they make no since don't blame me because i am on a lot of pain killers 24/7


Allie said…
AH! That's a little scary, but I'm so glad you're doing well. You've got a sweet guy... financé!... by your side. I hope you get lots of sleep and that the painkillers do their job!
Cute pics Aly. I think Justin has been wonderfully supportive(couldn't ask for better). You are a trooper-get better fast!!!!
Barb Elder said…
So sorry but glad that it is over. Hopefully you won't be in much pain any more.
kayla & tyler said…
what a sweet little man you've got there!! :) how adorable! Hope you are feeling better!
lyn. said…
Are you going to bring Justin to CrossFit when you get better... :-D

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