club 33

last time i went to disneyland i ran into someone who had the lucky privilege of getting into Disneyland's highly exclusive club (club 33).... which at the time i knew nothing of. 

but now i know, and i want in! 

too bad the waiting list is like 14 years, and costs booku bucks to become a member! BUT sometime i will go, just you see! (and then i will definitely blog about it so that you can see!)

to read up on club 33 see here


lyn. said…
I was able to go inside once when nobody was there, but that is as close as I will ever get!!

Disney does weddings, don't you know... :-D
Christina said…

when are we gonna go to D-land together?
you won't be fit for roller coasters for how long?
we can seduce our way into club 33.

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