which style of cake would you choose? i want to know!
i am not a huge cake person... so deciding things like this are hard, but i do know which ones i am leaning towards, but i want to hear your input! oh and does anyone know a good cake person? i knew the best, but she is expecting and will be due in a couple weeks by the time my wedding roles around.... so i am on the look out, so let me know!


I do, I do!! She did the cakes for Maglebys :) YUMMY!! I would also do cake #4!!
AngelaBeth said…
I'm in love with 2.. I saw it on the photographer's blog for that wedding and saved that pic too! But I think I like 4 the best. It's pretty, sophisticated, and still personalize-able (made that word up right now heh). (I'm saving that image btw.) (p.s. I think the ribbon thing is way overdone.)
lyn. said…
I'm leaning toward the last one (with your choice of flower colors, of course), but I might leave off the ribbon...

P.S. I notice the cake is leaning, too. :-X
#2 or #3! Those cakes are so elegant! Congrats girl!
Annegirl said…
I have one opinion on cake: pick one that TASTES good! You will spend your whole reception NOT looking at it, then you'll box one layer up for a year. Who cares what it looks like! I LOVED my wedding cake because it TASTED good. We served it to our guests and got a lot of compliments because having a good-tasting cake is so unusual. The North Hampton House did ours, and it was awesome.
Kelsey said…
I would definitely choose #2! Good luck with all the wedding decisions. And just remember... all your blogger friends are here to make the decision if all else fails ;)
Macie said…
I like the bottom one!
Anna said…
Hey hun i would go for 4 or 5 but my mom does cakes or your freindly nabor annie is also very wonderful let me know thou if you want to see pictures of what my mom has done cause she could pretty much do any of these one's ok best of luck.
I just like wedding cakes that taste good, but I think #4 and #1 are pretty. Magelby's has 2 on display if you want to run down and look.

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