list of loves:

i love that my car broke down forcing me to be stuck in st. george to vacation that much longer.

- well that pretty much sums it up. forget finals! that is the attitude J & I currently have :)

--life is good!

photo thanks to her


Anonymous said…
Being stuck in St. George!! How perfect :) I am glad that you and J are having fun. Let's have you over for dinner this weekend, mmmmmkay?
Codnerfamily said…
Ridiculous, first I love this picture.But did you get that coat at the buckle??? Because I have the same one!!
lyn. said…
Darling picture!!
But, you know, it reminds me of Valentines, not Easter... LOL
aly said…
melissa! sounds wonderful! can't wait!

em- YEAH it totally is! that is so funny! great minds think alike

lyn- you caught me! it was my valentines day picture that i never actually did anything with.... so i thought heart- list of loves! ha :)
lyn. said…
I get it!! I'm just a bit slow... :-X
brittany said…
sorry, the reason it is popping up just now, is because it took me forever to get to it...sorry aly!

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