darkroom- cause shoots

so we had to do a current issue shoot so i choose to photograph prom night (against it) this is how it turned out...

and i also photographed anorexia

(my teacher read this one just as a dancer's back.... i have never seen such a sad, down on herself dancer before.... just saying)

i'd love to hear what you think! 
disclaimer: these are scans so the quality is not very good . 


Brittany said…
Awesome work aly! I love both projects!
lyn. said…
Does the dancer know she's anorexic?
I hear a lot of dancers have this problem...

I didn't think Amanda was old enough to date, let alone go to prom, and whatever... LOL
aly said…
actually she isn't a dancer, and not anorexic, just skinny!
If these were real, Amanda would be grounded for years!!!!!
lauh-ren said…
i love mitchell's facial expression in the top one. (at least what you can see of his face)
wow, that last one is intense... amazing. i hope that you get to feeling better soon!

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