and i would like to officially apologize for being such a bad blogger lately (i feel like this is what all of my posts lately are- and sorry for that too!) 

but i have a good excuse.

it's finals (in fact i have one in 4 hours & 40 min)

but the end is in sight. and soon i will have lot's and LOT'S of time. so don't abandon me yet! 

with love


lyn. said…
I love your photography, no matter how intermittent it is...

Abandonment... not possible!!

Good luck on the final...
Allie said…
Yeah, I've been thinking about printing them for people! They're about 6"x6", so they're just little bitty things. Let me know if you still want one! If you do, I'm thinking of selling them for $8.

By the way, even your photobooth computer pictures are beautiful! I love it.

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