it's february

i cannot believe that february is already here! trust me i am glad it is february- it is my favorite month! it is the month of my birth, the month of love, the month of everything pink, hearts are all around, and love is in the air! 


this year is different.
  • this february i am not just one year older, but now in the OLD years.
  • i am valentine less- just like previous years, but this year i am kind of sad about it ( i wonder if it is because i am going to be in the "old" years.
  • and again mostly because of my coming of age. 
photo by- sorry i forgot....


Christina said…
that chick's back looks like mine. except a little less hunched.
lyn. said…
Welcome to the OLD YEARS! You are in good company... :-D
lauh-ren said…
ahhh i feel your pain. i really do.

but aly! i will be in orem for valentines, so why don't we go to dinner! i'll be your valentine!
Barb Elder said…
You are so old. Wow 20th. Happy Birthday to you. When you do find that great guy. He will be the lucky one. Love you!
brittany said…
aly i love ya! 20 was hard for me too, but it really was a fun year. I agree with barb, the guy wins the alyssa's heart is probably the luckiest guy in the world!

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