winter semester 09

so i have now had all of my classes that i will have this lovely (or not so lovely due to the snow) winter semester. and so now i will share my thoughts so far...

art history- i really need to speed up my essay writing abilities.... and work on my  memory, and i think people just elaborate more on art and just say stuff to sound cool. the class seems hard, but very educational. 

broadcasting- lot's of work, but should be fun. scary that i am constantly being judged and criticized.... which equals nervous but also excited.

new testament- hard, and i don't know anything compared to everyone else in the class. but awesome subject and i am excited to learn it. plus very good news- i met a cute little return missionary (very nice, not weird at all, very easy to talk to, and he knew all the answers....) perfect study partner ;) 

intro to b&w photo- scary, scary, but oh so cool- and i can't wait to learn it. really hope i am in the right major at this point. and the teacher is cool. a LOT of work ahead. but i will learn a great deal, so that is good. i am the only one from utah in the class (and the class consists of all the people who got into the program this past feb)-- and i guess 150 other students all want our spot and so the 16 of us better be good! no pressure... not sure how i feel about being stuck in a dark little room with some of the people, but it will still be good. 

intro to photo- good refresher, yay some digital, and a teacher that is a photoshop expert so any questions, i now have a source! the teachers thought process jumps around and doesn't often return back to what he was saying, no textbook- just what inspires us. late class, and long but excited.

overall, my classes are all great, but i am a very anxious person so right now a little stressed and overwhelmed, but also very excited! is that even possible?! 


It is so nice to have the decision made about your major in college! You are a very motivated and gifted person so I know you will come through with flying colors.

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