the homework begins! but hey, at least it is fun homework! i got to hang out and talk to this pretty girl today. plus walk around on a frozen lake-i know this isn't the smartest thing to do, and we realized that when we heard a crack... but hey what is life without any risk? i think my major is the best. 

thanks julie again for smiling all pretty for me :) and suffering through the cold 16 degree weather!  


lyn. said…
You got her to take her coat off in 16 degree weather?
You truly are a gifted photographer!

Nice pictures, too...
that girl is so cute I would love for you to use my girls or me and Nate for your homework!or even my business!
Allie said…
Gorgeous! Love. Nothing but love for you two girls!
brittany said…
I love those aly! Beautiful work as always!
Those pictures are amazing, Aly! Nice work!
rebecca said…
it's true. i'm impressed, as always.

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