headband kick

i love headbands! they are great- because they are pretty, and they enable me to get away with never doing my hair! i recently purchased a few off etsy. here are my purchases. i can't wait for them to arrive! 
i bought this one here- but i believe i might have bought the last one, so i don't know how it works if you want one too....
bought here
bought here
& last but not least i bought this one  here

I will also try and take a few pictures of the ones i made myself (yes i attempted to make my own headbands, but it was harder then i thought, so i decided that i am just going to buy them!)


lyn. said…
Very cute...

On my computer, I only saw the beaded one at first and I pictured it on the forehead like in the "roaring 20s..." Are you going to wear it that way? {-:
Allie said…
You've been tagged! See my blog for the deets.

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