anchor with style

so this semester i am in an awesome class! i get to learn how to anchor! what i will do is practice anchoring the news as a lab that the real anchors did earlier the day.... it looks the exact same, and is even recorded, where i will then put onto a website.... so pretty much i get to play anchor woman and get to dress up! 
but i don't want to conform to what they think i need to look like. i understand that you can't be too glam. and that you need to be respectable/ somewhat conservative... but it has always bugged me how every anchor looks the same and have no personal style. 

so my plan is to just be like blair,blair waldorf that is. she is conservative, classy, but she still has style! 
she is my inspiration

plus i need to look better then the other people i am anchoring with- it is a very competitive business you see.

side note: scary part of this class- you have to loose all you inhibitions.... we have to watch ourselves and critique ourselves in front of the class.... which = SCARY! but still so much fun- lot's of work, but fun! 


lyn. said…
OK, what is the website?

We all want to share in this experience and see your competitive "style..." :-D

Good Luck!!
You are going to be awesome - Anchors "A Way..."
Allie said…
That. is. awesome! I hope you'll let us see you in action!

As far as my lighting kit goes, my mom got it at Allen's and it's the Promaster basic studio lighting kit. It comes with two strobes, stands, and one silver umbrella and one translucent umbrella. I haven't figured out how to sync my camera with the strobes and get the exposure right yet. Haha.

I seriously want to hang out and be cool together! (You being cooler than me, but it's okay cause then you can teach me the cool ways!)
Barb Elder said…
You will be the best dressed Anchor women ever! I have always loved you style. You are so fun!

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