25 things

i got tagged by allie! and i am supposed to tell you 25 things that you may or may not know about me (which is going to be hard because i think i already reveal almost everything on here....but here it goes!)
  1. i have taken the following lessons: tap, ballet, gymnastics, violin, piano, guitar, and i can't really do any of these things...
  2. i have held one boys hand- well i think that is the correct number, i could be wrong. i guess let me know if i am :)
  3. my brain is sprained (post concussive disorder)
  4. i am constantly being bugged about boys, so i finally made a list of boys i would like to go on a date with. i was surprised by the mental list i made (disclaimer it was like 3:00 am)
  5. i snowboard and ski but again am not good at either of the two activities.
  6. i am very content being by myself (but after seeing "taken" last night i got the lecture from my parents about being cautious...)
  7. there are many things that i really want to be good at, or wish started doing a long time ago- running, ballet, ballroom, reading more...
  8. at 15 i was offered a job to be in charge of the window displays for a store- i declined, but now looking back wish i took it- i could have had a good stylist career by now.
  9. this lady told me i had an angel face when i was working as an extra on this show.
  10. i love infomercials where they are selling organizing stuff, and i always really want it!
  11. i do not know how to use my womanly ways (but need to learn because i need to buy matt board and i want them to cut it for me....)
  12. my mind is like one of a spys- i look for the exit wherever i am, i listen to the footsteps behind me, think of the  fastest escapes- just call me bourne. 
  13. being patient is definitely something i need to work on.
  14. slippers make me happy, and are a house time must
  15. my body naturally takes flight
  16. being a planner should be my career. i plan everything- from my wedding to my funeral.
  17. some call me naive i like to think of myself as innocent.
  18. surprisingly enough- i am pretty quiet when you first meet me.
  19. recently i started using eye cream but can't remember why.
  20. commenting is hard for me (blogs, and in class)
  21. i dominate at the card game skippo
  22. i like to think of myself as a minimalist, but my closet would say otherwise.
  23. i go on dates with my parents 
  24. i am 5 feet 1 inch without shoes and 5 feet 5 inches with shoes
  25. james darren is my love and always will be.
wow this was hard. so i am not going to tag anyone but do it if  you want.


lyn. said…
Wow - that was some list...

Touched By An Angel is one of my favorite old shows!!
I probably saw you and never knew that it was you...
until now! haha

How do you even know who James Darren is?

I may try this tag, but don't look for it for a very loooooong time...
lyn. said…
P.S. A harmonious photograph, for меня, would be one that makes me feel calm and balanced...
Codnerfamily said…
Since I kind off know you I am going to give it to you straight. You are not a minimalist.Not even close.You are innocent, sometimes sweet.I'll take you on in Skippo any day.You have womanly charm.Smile, tilt your head, bat those eyes and pick your sucker.Don't be modest your good at everything you do.You do need to stop dating your parents.Pick up that "Boy List" and call them.I love orginzing infomercials to.And I really love you.LOTS.
Allie said…
I'm so glad you actually did this! Okay, this is getting ridiculous. We really need to hang out and be actual friends instead of on-line friends! You are so great!
lauh-ren said…
i love james darren too. he is especially irresistible in those short shorts.

ps: i think it is skip-bo, not skippo
(if it is the game i'm thinking of)
brittany said…
Amen to everything Emily said!

Aly, you're such a gorgeous gorgeous person! I'm so glad I get to call you my sister!

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