so it's the new year, and there are many things i want to improve upon.... but i want to actually accomplish my goals i set this year (because i never do!) so here it goes.

  1. a better routine- which includes in bed before 1:00 hopefully 12:00. getting some exercise on a regular basis (5x a week) and just eating better (cut back a lot on candy intake- or eliminate completely.... maybe pop too) LOOK FINE IN 09! that is the plan :)
  2. become a "do-er" when i see something that needs to be done i want to do it then, not plan on doing it later (because when i do that, i never actually accomplish it...) 
  3. try and put myself out there more, be more friendly. i want to forget my own insecurities and just be friendly and loving to everyone around me.  to truly care about them and what is happening in their life. i want people to know that they can always find a friend in me.
  4. 09 is my year-- first kiss is going to be checked off my list :) 
  5. get good grades and survive school. (and when i say survive i mean physically... because actually, so far my classes seem awesome!)
  6. i want to become more proper and dignified. say things like "it's lovely to see you..." 
  7. overall i want to become an elect lady in the lord
things i want to accomplish are:
  1. launch my photo website, and i guess the business part too.
  2. get into the broadcast journalism program (2nd major)
  3. just get out and take more photos
  4. do things i have never done before- like: be more spontaneous- take an unplanned trip, go salsa dancing, eat an ant (actually no to that last one- i don't want to do that!), go camping, go to an outside movie...i want to live.
overall, i am very very happy with my life, and am very blessed. i just really hope i can become the person i aspire to be. because as brittany tells me, i guess by 25 my ways are pretty set in stone. which means i  only have a couple more years, so i got a lot of work cut out for me! 


Barb Elder said…
You go Aly. Let me know when that 1st kiss happens. But don't do it just for fun, make it mean something.
Rachel said…

I thought that your goals sound great!You can totally accomplish all of them, especially the first kiss!! I know there would be plenty of boys to volunteer to help you with that, but I know there is someone special out there! You deserve the best!!

I'm glad to see that you are liking school, and that you are so positive about the future. You have been very blessed, but it is because you are such a wonderful person! We love you.

I am with you on the exercise thing. Together we can look "Fine in 09"!!

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