water is cool.

in the recent winter months as the temperature drops, i have noticed that my  intake of water does also.

but water has many benefits :
  •  weight loss and water go hand in hand
  • it suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize fat. 
  • it also regulates body temperature and flushes toxins. 
who knew?! so this is my message to all go drink some water :) 

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lauh-ren said…
okay, i haven't been drinking water either. and i have been so thirsty the past couple of days! when i went to the grocery store the other day, i bought a case of water just because i was craving it so much.
Codnerfamily said…
I want to jump on this banwagon. other reasons to drink water are:
*the number one reason for day time fatigue is dehydration.
*Keeps you regular.No blooting so you look better in your cloths.
*Good for your skin keeps you looking young!!!
*also last thing when you think your hungry you usually are just thirsty.
I just wanted to join your worthy cause Aly.
brittany said…
see, what kills me is i know all of this stuff about water, and yet I still am not good at drinking everyhting I need too!

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