girls wanna have fun!

so brittany and i went and took some photo's of these lovely ladies this weekend.
here were some i liked. and i could have posted so many more, these gals were just such great models! 

so for a thanksgiving thought i would just like to say that i am thankful that i was able to take these photos- due to the fact that my computer crashed (but is all better now thanks to a new hard drive- thanks dad!) and i lost all of my photos. so this is just the beginning to my new portfolio! 

(p.s. this is me trying to look on the bright side)

(p- double s. to see more of brittany's work click here)


lyn. said…
Great photos, as always, Aly!!
I really like the hats and the quilt...

P.S. I hope that you add an external hard drive to your wish list, or your Christmas list, so you can back-up your computer. That is the best way I know to keep from losing all that important stuff!
now that you lost them all we might just have to take some more. You should get an external hard drive to keep all of your pictures on so that you have a back up!!!
brittany said…
aly, you are so talented! I love love love these!
Carlie said…
Hey Aly, Cute pics! Just wondering if any of the pictures you took turned out. Even if you don't want to edit anything, I'd love copies!
Barb Elder said…
Were is Rylie? I wish she could of been there. Great pictures. That is the one thing about our move that has been sad. Rylie doesn't get to be with those girls as much. But other blessings have come to us. Miss the neighborhood. Love ya.
Codnerfamily said…
Please tell me you are kidding when you say you lost all your photos. I am so sorry!!! I love these pictures.They are all so grown up and beautiful.I wish you were here to take pics of Lucy.I'm going to try and bring her home with me at Christmas. I just need my Mom to give me the ok.Love ya. I'm soory to here about your computer.
aly said…
actually sad thing is... i have an external hard drive! (i just didn't know how to use it, so i didn't....)

carlie- i will get that disk to you ASAP- sorry it is taking so long, my computer issues slowed things down!

barb- i wish rylie could have been in the pictures also! we actually called, but you guys were off at the cabin enjoying the season! but next time for sure! :)

emily- actually when you come down if you don't mind bringing the disk of the pictures i have taken for you that would be awesome! and i want to meet miss lucy, so i hope she can come! yay I am going to get to see you- i'm excited!
aly said…
oh and melissa- we might just have to do that.... :)

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