crazy 8's

8 favorite TV shows:
1-biggest loser
4-gilmore girls
5-mad about you
7-samantha who
8-the office.

8 books you’d recommend:
1- Left to Tell
2- Harry Potter (all 7)
3- Mary Higgins Clark books
4- Count of Monte Cristo
5- Chicken Noodle Soup for the Teenage Latter day Saint Soul 
6- BFG
7- pretty much every book i read as a child.... (too many to name)

8 things that happened yesterday:
1- set up christmas decorations at my grandparents
2- helped clean out my grandmas "messy room"
3- ate a BLT (made by my grandma-ma!)
4- took pictures of 3 lovely ladies (pictures to come)
5- ate dinner with my parents
6- watched harry potter #1
7- edited fotitos (aka photos)
8- and did not go to bed till very late- like always.... (i am going to die early if i don't start sleeping...)

8 things to LOOK FORWARD TO:
1- the semester to be over
2- CHRISTMAS! [including everything about the christmas season! cocoa, holiday movies, mistletoe, candy canes, lights, decorations, love.... i want it all baby!]
3- homecomings..
4- 2 weeks- for a many of reasons
5- life (just in general- it is so exciting, so many possibilities)
6- computers that don't crash.
7- a hair cut
8- giving holiday gifts- i love this season!  

8 things on MY WISH list: 
i really don't need anything.... but:
1- all of my friends and family home for the holidays
2-the stuff off of my old hard drive
3-massage [agreed chels. that sounds nice!]
4- camera stuff
5-  the photoshop package [photoshop, illustrator, lightroom, indesign...]
6- a trip to somewhere warm [ i just need to get away from the cold!]
7- YOU- you know who you are... or maybe you don't.... i guess we will find out now won't we :)  
8- and...i wish i could be more disciplined. 

8 things I LOVE ABOUT Fall:
1- leaves changing
2- sweaters
3- cabin trips/ ski lodges 
4- apple juice
5- fall food [ex. chili and cornbread...]
6- all of the holidays
7- the change itself
8- and it takes me one step closer to where i want to go in life.

8 people I Tag:
whoever wants to. 


lyn. said…
Very cryptic, but I'm pretty sure I read correctly between the lines... LOL

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