Wednesday, November 26, 2008

barnyard bliss

no my computer is not fixed, but i have been browsing around my families computer in the mean time. in this process i have come across this BEAUTIFUL building that my dad designed.... (actually it is a barn) and guess what, i decided that i would not mind living in this barn whatsoever! yes, i think it is beautiful!

* my padre's website is very old school, and is in the process of being updated :)


lyn. said...

If you live in this barn and your kids left the doors open, you would say, "Close the door, were you raised in a barn?" and they would answer, "Yes!"


aly said...

very true! :)

we had a song- i can't remember it, but it is something with your elbows on the table and not being raised in a stable.... yeah something like that...

Codnerfamily said...

Aly can I move in with you??
I checked out your Dads blog he is vey talented. Did you take those pictures??

aly said...

it's a deal! that would be so so FUN!

no i didn't- wish i did! but i got to study behind the guy + it was a free trip!

brittany said...

aly aly young and able, get your elbows off the table, this is not a horses stable, this is our dining table!