it's cold!

this is what i woke up to this morning...
the bush outside my house
the lawn
the close up of the lawn
it was was so cool- it just looked like someone poured ice cubes all over our lawn.
this just amazes me! 
the overall picture...sorry it's not that good of a picture but i think you still get the idea :)


wahoo! i'm so glad you posted this! it looked insanely cool!
lyn. said…
You sure got a lot more of the cold stuff than we did...

Great pictures!!!‹
Codnerfamily said…
Aly these pictures are so cool. Some of my fav. I'm gald you went out and took pics in the cold so the rest of us could enjoy!Next time it snows a lot you have to go up to Vivian park and go to the park just past vivian (confused?) The road looks so pretty covered in snow. it is covered with trees on both sides and all the branches have snow on them and they hang onto the road. It's my favorite place to go after the snow because it is so pretty.

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