love her

i'm an aunt for the first time ever, and i love it! she is so cute! these are some pictures taken by her talented mamma

baby ella
(brittany- i love the composition on this one!)
this one makes me not want to move a muscle as if not to wake her because she just looks so perfect!
i was just messing around on illustrator and made this birth announcement for fun. (very simple i know, but that is the way i like it.) 

to see more pictures of this adorable baby CLICK HERE.


Wendi said…
She is absolutely adorable!
What a perfect subject for your camera!
I know you are going to be one fabulous Auntie!!!
lyn. said…
I think Brittany should just use your design... it is perfect!

P.S. Did you CrossFit today? I was told to take a "rest day..." I said, "here's my arm - twist it!" LOL
Macie said…
I love that announcement! I like simple things too. Maybe could you do one for my baby?
aly said…
wendi- THANKS!

lyn- she wants to make her own--- and i don't blame her :) and i didn't go... i had to get a nerve test and i didn't finish in time. i could have gone to a later time but i didn't feel great....

macie- i would love too! :) i'm flattered!

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