coming my way :)

i really shouldn't online shop while i am at work... it is kind of counterproductive... but this was such a good deal i had to buy it! OH how i wish 5-7 business days had already passed.
i got this dress!

*to see more fantastic clothes browse their site here*


JULIE said…
ack! if i see you wearing that dress on campus i will rip it off your body and run away. so cute. haha.
how dare you share this website with me? now i must buy something.
lyn. said…
Very, very cute... they are going to look darling on you!!

P.S. Have been missing you @ CF!
Is everything little thing OK?
aly said…
i miss you guys at CF LYN! but i had a discagram on monday (which is horrible) and am still in pain (i had to go to school on loratab today) and they found some not so good stuff so i have to talk to the DR. before i can start doing anything (i believe neck surgery is in my future...)
Wendi said…
Love some Anthropologie!!!
Good. choice.
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