the BYU Photo program has a blog! see here... i'm not on it yet, but i promise i am in :) 

side note: the picture is from the photo fall eat greet .... and i included it to prove that i am in the program! haha and because i thought it was funny.


Wendi said…
May I say...very. cool.
And I hope you remember us little people when you get all big and famous.
I still want to fly you to NC for a photo shoot of my kids before you are completely unaffordable.
Congratulations Aly!
lyn. said…
looks almost as fun as CF... miss you.
i'm totally jealous of your major. you are going to learn so many cool things!
p.s. did you know that someone ate most of my cookie? mom brought me the left over bit which was about the size of a strawberry. so, even though i wasn't able to taste it really, i have to say you are so stink'n sweet for getting it for me! thanks!
Codnerfamily said…
So cute.Thats what collage looks like. Where are all the boys. Hey stupids ask some of these girls out!!!

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