Wednesday, September 17, 2008

typophile film fest 4

this is such a cool video! i can't get it to post normally so i will just put the link here... but it makes me want to change my major to graphic design. 

check it out HERE!


lauren said...

that seemed very BYU-ish.

...well, at least the marriage and baby part.

overall it was pretty good, not my favorite--but i really liked the end, and the part where the roses grew and the part where it showed inside the stomach and the part where it showed "inside view of heart"

ya, i think that covers it...

lyn. said...

WOW!! That was so over-the-top creative...
I enjoyed it so much that I watched some of the others!

I dated a graphic designer once, and that certainly wasn't the type of thing he was designing at the time. Times have changed since we got computers... :-D

aly said...

not only byu students get married and have babies- it is a life journey.... :)